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History of development of power transformer

Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Over the past ten years of development, rapid development of electric power construction in China and achieved great success. Among them, the high-speed growth in generating capacity, power grid construction speeds by leaps and bounds, power structure continues to be optimized, technical level has increased significantly,and effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction significantly, power construction, realizing the leap-forward development. For the steady and relatively fast economic and social development to provide a powerful driving force for improving people's life plays an important role in supporting and guaranteeing.

Bureau of statistics, 2007-2011, power transformer manufacturing industry continues to expand the scale of sales, sales grow at a rate of more than 13% each year, in 2011, sales revenue reached 178.436 billion yuan, an increase of 16.53%; total profits 10.214 billion yuan, down 5.43%. Overall, in 2011, the power transformer manufacturing industry development and stability of China, but profitability has slipped. Environmental concerns for the global economy, China could increase the proportion of renewable energy in the future.

State grid, South network studying light DC, these are new trends, will bring new development areas in transformer industry. And power transformer in market Shang of development and using increasingly widely, in technology Shang and quality Shang which some well-known enterprise also stand out for example a open investment group years company has been is committed to national electrical industrial of development, and many research hospital by, and University and the international industry giant established close of cooperation, established has "Shanghai a open electrical Science Institute", professional development, and production lost distribution control equipment, and high low voltage electrical components, and intelligent electrical, products, has development has "intelligent type PLC control total screen" and the " Intelligent type sets switch total control ", various high, and low voltage electrical components; and Shenyang transformer Institute cooperation, development, and production high low voltage transformer products, has development has s (b) H15-M, and s (b) H16-M type non-Crystal alloy volume iron core power transformer, SC9, and SCB9, and SC10, and SCB10 series resin insulation dry type transformer, SG10 type h level insulation dry type power transformer, SGB11-R volume iron core h level non-package seal coil dry type power transformer, 10kV level S9 , And S11 series oil dip type power transformer, 35kV level S9----series oil dip type power transformer, products and while development production has transformer production with foil type winding machine, and non-Crystal alloy shear machine, and high low voltage winding machine, dedicated mechanical equipment; and United States General company (GE) strong teamed up, build Asia-Pacific maximum, and most professional of ship with switch equipment and the low voltage electrical equipment, has development has GEA Plus2.0, and Modula plus, and Modula 630k, and Transformers for ship and ship box-type substation, marine electric automation, tunnels and special cabinets and other products.

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