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Role of power transformer

Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Power transformer is one of the main equipment of power plants and substations.Are many transformers role not only to raising voltage into electrical energy to power, but also can reduce the voltage using the voltage at all levels in order to meet the needs of electricity. In short, step-up and step-down must be done by a transformer. During power system transmission power will produce two parts: voltageand power loss, in delivering the same power voltage and inversely proportional to the voltage, power consumption and is inversely proportional to the square of the voltage. Transformers increase the voltage, reduced transmission losses.

Transformers are wound around an iron core on the same two or more windings,and between the windings is connected by alternating magnetic field and work according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. Transformer installation location should consider ease of operation, maintenance, and transport, and should choose safe, accessible place. When using transformers must be reasonable to adopt the rated capacity of the transformer. Transformer runtime, need more reactive power. The reactive power supplied by the power supply system. Transformer capacity choice is too large, not only increased the initial investment, and transformersin idle for too long or run at light loads, share of no-load loss increases, lower power factor, net loss increased, this run is neither economic nor reasonable. Capacity selection of transformer is too small, the transformer will overload and damageequipment. Therefore, the rated capacity of the transformer should be selected based on needs of power load, should not be too large or too small.

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