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Simple classification of power transformer

Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Classified by use of power transformer: booster (power plants, such as 6.3kV/10.5kV or 10.5kV/110kV), contact (substation using 220kV/110kV or 110kV/10.5kV), blood pressure (power distribution with 35kV/0.4kV or 10.5kV/0.4kV).

Classification of power transformer by phase: single-phase and three-phase.

Classification of power transformer windings: two-winding (load per phase on thesame core, original, separate secondary windings wound, insulation), three windings (having three winding per phase, original, separate secondary windings wound,insulation), autotransformer (a set of winding is Center-tapped output as once or twice). Requirements of three-winding transformer primary winding capacity greater than or equal to the capacity of the secondary winding. Three percent of capacityin high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure order: 100/100/100, and 100/50/100, and 100/100/50, require secondary windings are not under full load operation. Three windings voltage low, used for supply or compensation device for connecting three voltage levels. Autotransformer: a step-up or step-down the two because the loss is small, the weight is light, the use of economic, in the UHV applications more. Small coupling transformers commonly used models for the 400V/36V(24V), security lighting and other equipment.

Power transformer insulation category: oil-immersed transformers (flame retardant, non-flame retardant type), 110kVSF6 gas-insulated transformers, dry-type transformers.

Power transformer for the core structure.

General communication in the project configuration for three-phase power transformer two winding transformer.

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