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Simple classification of substation

Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Substation: "changing the voltage, control and distribution of electric energy of theplace. Smaller substations. "

Substation (SUBSTATION) is assembled the devices, designed to cut off or put through, changing or adjusting the voltage in power system substations are stagingpoint for transmission and distribution.

The substation can be divided into: Hub substation, Terminal substation step-up substation, step-down substation substation the substation of power system, industrial and mining substations, railway (27.5KV, 50HZ); 1000KV, 750KV, 500KV, 330KV,220KV, 110KV, 66KV, 35KV and 10KV, 6.3KV, voltage level substation 10KV substation; box-type substation.

Main substation equipment and connectivity options, which vary according to theirfunction.

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