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Simple presentation on substation

Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Substation voltage places. Came to power plant power transmission to distant places, voltage must be increased, into high-voltage electricity, close to the user as needed to lower the voltage, this lifting-voltage substation to complete. Main equipment of the substation is switching and transformer. According to different sizes, small called the substation. Substation is greater than the substation. Substation: are generally 110KV voltage level substation; substation: includes a variety of voltage levels of "step-up, step-down" transformer substation.

Substation is transform in power system voltage, acceptance and distribution of electrical energy, control the flow of power and adjust the voltage of electric powerfacilities, through the transformer will be linked to the grid voltage at all levels.

Substation in specific environments; AC-DC-AC is the conversion process. Like a submarine transmission cables and long-distance transportation. Some use high voltage direct current power transmission form. Capacitive reactance of DC transmission over AC transmission losses. With energy-saving effect.

Main substation equipment and connectivity options, which vary according to theirfunction.

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