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110kv Power Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: May 05, 2017

110kv Power Transformer Product Detail

110kv Power Transformer

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:S11 SSZ11 S9

  • Phase:Single

  • Coil Structure:Toroidal

  • Coil Number:3

  • Type:Transformer

  • Specification:IEC-60076, GB1094.3-2003, GB1094.5-2003,

Product Description

Power transformer

1)Rated capacity: 2000kVA~30000kVA

2)Rated voltage: 10KV~220KV

3)For power system

4)Easy installation


1. Low loss, and significantly energy-saving.

2. The core laminations are made up from high-quality cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel sheets

3. Zigzag directed flow of oil are provided within the windings

4. The regulating winding is a separate winding which apart from the high voltage main winding

5. The windings of one phase are assembled into an integral phase block before placing into the core.

6. Core frames in the form of a flat plate are used for clamping the core.

7. Transformer tanks are fabricated with steel plates wide enough so that there are no weld joints on each surface.

8. Diaphragm membrane is provided within the conservator, preventing direct contact of oil with air, protecting the oil from aging

9. Reliably sealed, and fine machined for sealed surface.

10. Quality assurance rules are also observed for all insulating parts, and main components.

The transformers are in accordance with National Standards GB1094
Power Trans- formers and GB/T6451 Technical Specifi- cations and Requirements for Three Phase Oil-immersed Power Transformers. The vol- tage regulation range is 10± 4× 2.5% kV for 10 kV class and 5± 3× 2.5% kV for 35 kV class. Voltage regulation is effected by adj- usting the on-load tap changer on the high voltage side. Adjustment can be made manually or motor-operated, the output voltage on the secondary side at a required stable level. Therefore they are widely used in places where requirement of voltage quality is emphasized, such as institutes, building, hotels, hospital and factories. These transformers are new products and have better economy in operation. Besides, our professional engineer will design and manufacture the transformer according to your requirement.

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