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33kv 35kv 36kv Cast Resin Potential Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 08, 2017

33kv 35kv 36kv Cast Resin Potential Transformer Product Detail

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1. Brief Introduction
Our voltage transformers are widely used in various switchgears of power grid, power plants, substations, railway, and coal mining industries and so on.
For epoxy resin insulated low voltage and medium voltage VTs, we have fused type, V-connection type, plateau type, pole-mounted type and post type and so on; For high voltage VTs, we have SF6 inductive voltage transformer, SF6 capacitor voltage transformer and oil- immerged voltage transformer and so on.
2. Outline electrical parameters are as below
1). Primary voltage rating up to 1000 kV
2). Secondary voltage rating of 0.11kV, 230kV, 110/√ 3kV, 115√ 3kV or custom specified
3). Accuracy class up to 0.1 for metering; Up to 3P, 5P for protection/relaying
4). Multi windings, up to 3 windings or more
5). Thermal limit outputs up to 2000 VA or custom specified
*Except for the parameters listed above, we can design as per clients' requirements.
3. Main features
1). All outside parts, such as terminal box and mounting plate, are made of corrosion proof materials.
2). Low partial discharge
3). Matching different sizes switchgears
4). Used in voltage measuring and protection, high accuracy
5). Less maintenance and pollution free
6). Easily operated and mounted
7). High mechanical strength and high dielectric strength
4. Production Capability: 80, 000 pieces per year
5. Minimum Order: 3 pieces
6. Delivery Time: 5-20 days
7. Manufacturing standards: IEC60044-2: 2003, GB1207-2006
8. Packing
Goods are packed in wooden cases, with foam inside for protection. And we have a team who is in charge of packing. The team consists of our skilful carpenters and experienced packing designers. These enable our packing reasonable, safe and reliable.

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