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35kv 8000kVA 24 Pulse Furnace Transformers Power Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: May 13, 2017

35kv 8000kVA 24 Pulse Furnace Transformers Power Transformer Product Detail

35kv 8000kVA 24 Pulse Furnace Transformers Power Transformer.jpg

Product Description

  • Application:Power, Electronic

  • Phase:Three

  • Cooling Method:Oil-immersed Type Transformer

  • Frequency Characteristics:Power Frequency

  • Origin:weifang, China

Conditions of use

Electric furnace transformer is a transformer that supplies electric furnace power supply. It can reduce the power grid voltage to several tens of volts to several hundred volts, and has the characteristics of low output voltage and high current of secondary.
(1) indoor device.
(2) according to the specific location of the installation site to determine the specific location.
(3) ambient temperature and cooling medium temperature
    Maximum temperature: +40oC
    Maximum monthly mean temperature: +35oC
    The highest annual average temperature: +20oC
    Minimum temperature: -5oC
    Cooling water at the entrance of the water cooler: the highest temperature: +30oC
    Cooling air at the entrance of the air cooler: +30oC
(4) the waveform of the power supply voltage is similar to the sine wave. 

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