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35kv Cast Resin Dry Type Power (dual voltage) Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: May 14, 2017

35kv Cast Resin Dry Type Power (dual voltage) Transformer Product Detail

35kv Cast Resin Dry Type Power (dual voltage) Transformer.jpg

  • Application:Power

  • Phase:Three

  • Core:Core-type Transformer

  • Cooling Method:Dry-type Transformer

  • Winding Type:Two-winding Transformer

  • Frequency Characteristics:Power Frequency

  • Shape of Core:EE

Product Description

Capacity: 800kVA~ 40000kVA
Rated H.V: 35kV, 20kV
Rated L.V: 10kV,6.3kV,3.15kV
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Phase: Three
Vector group: Dyn11/Yd11
Insulation level: F/H
Impedance: 6%~10%"

Cast resin dry type power transformers are used in the electric grid to convert voltages.

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