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35kv Copper Winding Low Loss Power Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

35kv Copper Winding Low Loss Power Transformer Product Detail

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35kv Copper Winding Low Loss Power Transformer Product Description

35kv Copper Winding Low Loss Power Transformer has the advantages of low loss, low noise and high efficiency and can achieve good energy-saving effect and reduce pollution. Compared with common oil-immersed transformer, it is unnecessary for full-sealed transformer to be equipped with oil conservator and change in oil volume is automatically adjusted and compensated by elasticity of corrugated sheet of corrugated tank, and transformer is isolated from air to prevent and slow down oil degrading and insulation aging, enhance operational reliability,with normal operation and no maintenance.

35kv Copper Winding Low Loss Power Transformer Product feature:
1. The transformer core is stacked by imported high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, which reduces no-load loss and no-load current greatly, and makes the core bound to ensure compactness of the core
and reduce noise.
2. High-low voltage winding is wound with oxygen-free cooper, low-voltage winding of 500kVA and below
adopts double layer cylinder structure, that of 630kVA and above adopts double helix and four helix structure,and high-voltage winding adopts multilayer cylinder structure.
3. Transformer winding connection adopts Dyn11 to reduce influences of harmonic wave on the power grid and improve power supply quality.
4. The transformer is of full-sealed structure to prolong the shelf life and avoid suspended core use and
5. The measured noise level is below the standard.No suspended-core inspection is needed for this series of transformer after normal transportation and relevant unloading parts can be installed immediately, test for acceptance items shall be performed and it can be put into operation after passing the test.

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