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35kv Power Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Jun 22, 2017

35kv Power Transformer Product Detail

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  • Origin:China

35kv Power Transformer Product Description

35KV power transformer is mainly used in high-rise buildings, commercial centers, airports, offshore drilling platforms, ships, tunnels, large hydropower stations, railway stations and so on, can be used as urban power transmission and distribution.
35kv Power Transformer Conditions of Use
1. Altitude of not more than 1000m.
2. Ambient temperature up to +40 oC, the lowest -25 oC.
3. Special environmental conditions: altitude of more than 1000m.
4. Ambient temperature up to +40 oC, the lowest -45 oC.
5. Installation site: no corrosive gas, no obvious dirt environment.
35kv Power Transformer Features
1. The use of imported silicon steel sheet to ensure the quality of core performance, high-quality copper wire, electrical insulation grade pressure wood, capacity in the range of 630 ~ 2000kvA low-voltage windings with cylindrical or spiral structure, ampere-turn balance, short- No deformation, no burst, high mechanical strength.
2. Transformer uses ripple tank, cancel the oil conservator, select high-quality components, according to the standard requirements to install a pressure relief valve, signal thermometer, gas relays, to ensure safe operation of the transformer.
3. Fuel tank, clamp and so on by rust, pickling, phosphating and many baking paint treatment, the use of imported special anti-rust paint, do not fall off, do not fade, to meet the metallurgical, petrochemical systems and wet pollution areas of special use requirements .
4. Transformer is fully sealed structure, the lid fold design, completely welded die or stainless steel bolt seal, fastening, sealing the use of aerospace rubber products, transformer oil and air isolation, waterproof, moisture, delay the aging of oil, Extended the service life of the transformer.

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