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35kv Split Rectifier Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Jan 16, 2018

35kv Split Rectifier Transformer used as a power transformer, and its role is to provide AC power to the rectifier, the rectifier and then converted to alternating current DC, DC power supply. Mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, locomotive traction and transmission industries. In the technical lessons learned from the French Alstom's successful experience, the choice of materials on the high-performance silicon steel sheet and high-quality oxygen-free copper, the production of the use of advanced coil split phase technology, cold lead wire technology, Low noise, impact resistance and short circuit resistance, strong overload capacity, compact structure, small size, reliable power supply and other advantages, and to meet the various special requirements of users.Therefore, the product has the advantages of high precision, low cost,
(1) Stable electrical performance: The product combined with load characteristics and grid voltage fluctuation, atmospheric overvoltage situation, according to the rectifier transformer load conditions, determine reasonable and reliable insulation level and insulation model, confiscated products to ensure reliable and stable electrical performance. Product environmental safety factor ≥1.67.
(2) high degree of dynamic stability: the product winding has high mechanical strength, has a strong anti-burst capability to meet the harsh load environment. In the design, manufacturing process to better eliminate the transformer magnetic flux leakage caused by the abnormal transport or instability may be the source of instability. Products with high dynamic stability. High resistance, than with the capacity of the power transformer impedance of 30% higher, to inhibit di / dt, effective protection of rectifier components.

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(3) good thermal stability: advanced product design, strict control of the product hot spots and the hottest temperature rise, and leave sufficient temperature margin, if necessary, can be added in the coil axial oil path, according to the coil Load loss value of the cooling method and reasonable distribution of oil flow to achieve cooling effect, the main temperature indicators are at least 5 oC lower than the national standard. Coil, copper wire used lead, current density selection is lower.
(4) strong overload capacity: the product has strong overload capacity and over-voltage capability, rated load conditions in the long-term safe operation, over-voltage conditions in 110% of the long-term safe operation under full load (ambient temperature 40 oC); Transformer and motor connected terminals can withstand 1.5 times the rated current, duration 5S. Product design, manufacturing fully consider the load characteristics, from the temperature rise, insulation properties and accessories to meet all aspects of the choice of overload requirements.
(5) superior performance indicators: no-load current design, manufacturing value is lower than the same capacity S9 series transformer GB based on the provisions of the full user economy and reliability.
(6) energy-saving effect is obvious, low noise (<65dB).

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