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About Distribution Transformer Capacity Selection
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

The distribution transformer is running, there is underrun by the capacity is too large, and also cause the device to overheat due to overload or overcurrent runs, even burning conditions. The device capacity is unsatisfactory, affected the power supply in power system reliability and economy.

Transformer capacity are selected on the basis of the load statistics. Because the load is not easy to do, as according to the anticipated maximum load-option. Suchelection results often sets the capacity is too large, to adversely affect the operation of the power system. According to choice of economic operation, is to use transformer iron loss and copper loss equal conditions, export the transformer the maximum economic loading rate and ratio of transformer capacity and the maximumload rating. As the actual load is not necessarily load statistics of maximum load, and load is random, efficiency is variable and its economy effectiveness is difficult to achieve.

Currently being used in power distribution system of new type low-loss transformers replacement high energy consumption transformer iron loss of a ~ 40%. Due to the large number of distribution transformer, load changes, the economic benefit is very significant.

How to make full use of transformer capacity, without prejudice to the normal transformer life, should be the main basis for selecting distribution transformer capacity.

Recommended by: based on load prediction of maximum stress Smax and typicaldaily load curve in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard (1972) loading Guide for oil-immersed transformer war, select distribution transformer capacity. The standard has been adopted by China. This methodhas the advantage of taking into account the normal overload capacity of transformer, on the premise of not reduced transformer life print, making full use of transformer capacity. To reduce investment, improve the distribution network operatingconditions, its economic impact is significant.

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