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Analysis Of Poor Grounding For Distribution Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Lightning lightning protection of distribution transformers normally have done, butthere are two problems:

① Arrester poor grounding;

② Only attention to the high pressure side installation of surge arresters, and ignorethe low voltage also required the installation of surge arresters problems (especially Dorey area).

If arrester grounding bad, occurred had voltage Shi, arrester cannot is good to relief discharge flow, on will makes transformer of insulation damaged; if low voltage side not installed arrester, dang high pressure side arrester to Earth relief put is big of lightning flow Shi, in grounding location Shang produced voltage drop, this voltage in by transformer shell of while also role in low voltage side winding of neutral points, and low voltage side winding through low voltage line of wave impedance grounding. You can take the following measures:

① Identified related to the arrester poor grounding, and changed again as required. Note the first grounded surge arresters directly connected with the casing, low-voltage side of the transformer neutral point together, then use grounding device. The grounding resistance does not have more than 4 ω;

② For heavy lightning area, low pressure side to the creation of a set of low voltagesurge arresters.

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