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Distribution Of Oil Leakage Of Transformer Oil Leakage Treatment
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Distribution transformer of transformer oil leakage and more. Due to the leakage,the transformer reduces the amount of oil, oil level is reduced, causing air and moisture infiltration, speeding up the oxidation and deterioration of the oil, the oil viscosity is high, convection velocity decreased, influence of transformer cooling, temperature is higher, which in turn accelerate the deterioration of oils. Meanwhile deterioration of oleic acid increased, leads to reduced the insulation resistance of thewinding and insulation to damage, over time, cause transformer damage. You cantake the following measures:

① Find out where oil leakage, and make a good deal with;

② See transformer oil deterioration of metamorphism, the simple analysis of oil. If the transformer oil by early light yellow becoming Orange, Brown, and the viscosityof the oil, indicating deterioration of transformer oil, must be purified or replaced;

③ When the deterioration of the transformer oil is not bad, and see if the oil levelis too low. If too low, refuel to transformer oil conservator mark notches;

④ Check the insulation resistance of the winding.

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