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Distribution Transformers These Are How To Maintain
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

1. Transformer oil level is normal, there is no leakage, spills or oil color anomaly

Oil caused decline for many reasons. Due to poor quality of welding and sealing,heat pipes, valves, tank along the vulnerable to infiltration, such as oil spills. Whenthe oil level drops to the transformer cover when the increased contact surface ofoil and air, it is easy to oxidation and absorb moisture from the air, resulting in compressive strength of oil, thus breaking the winding insulation. Oil shortage seriously, transformer and insulation between conducting parts reduced, resulting in alternating or breakdown. If you continue to use, transformer oils cannot be normal cycle convection, resulting in transformer oil temperature rise, shorten life expectancy and even burned.

2. Transformer insulating sleeve has no trace of injury, ruptured and discharged

Insulating sleeve is not cleaned for a long time, cracks or breakage and trace of discharge, at the time of rain, fog or drop, insulated casing leakage current due to the dampness of the atmosphere increases, insulated down flashover will occur. Inaddition, it tube fouling serious, any significant debris and cracks and insulating sleeve, may also result in flashover or explosion. Resolve this behavior apart from the observation of insulating sleeve itself, note also that the casing of the pollutionlaws, such as wind, surrounding environment, etc, so that we can do a good job cleaning.

3. Distribution transformers of regular cleaning

Regularly clean up the dirt on distribution transformer, check there is no flashoverto discharge casing, ground is good, there is no break, unsoldering, rupture, regularly shake test grounding resistance, the resistance is less than 4 ω (capacity 100 kV · A and above) or 10 ω (capacity less than 100 kV · A), or to take anti-pollutionmeasures, install anti-fouling the casing Cap. Pick, split at the distribution transformer lead wire, in strict accordance with the process operation, avoid lead wire fracture.

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