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High Voltage Electric Power Transmission
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: May 25, 2017

High Voltage Electric Power Transmission 

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  • Altitude: up to 1, 000m Above Sea Level

  • Special Conditions: Depends on The Customer

  • Tap Changer: Regulate The Output Voltage

  • Typical Products: Zbw

  • Warranty: 10 Years

  • Transformer: Oil Transformer

  • Environment: Outdoor

  • Insulation Oil: High Quality Grade Mineral Oil

  • Test Equipment: IEC Standard

  • Frequency: 50Hz

  • Service condition

1. Altitude: ≤ 1000m (above sea level)
2. Ambient temperature: Max. 40C Min. -25C
  >>Max. Monthly average temperature: ≤ 35C
  >>Max. Yearly average temperature: ≤ 25C
3. Relative humidity: Daily average value≤ 95%, monthly average value≤ 90%
4. Max. Daily difference in temperature: 25C
5. Sunlight intensity: 0.1W/CM2 (wind speed 0.5M/S);
6. Outdoor wind speed: ≤ 35m/s;
7. Pollution grade: Grade III;
8. Rain proof grade: Grade 3;
9. The gradient on installation spot shall be not more than 3° ;
10. Ability of anti-earthquake: Horizontal acceleration of ground surface is 0.2g
      Vertical acceleration of ground surface is 0.1g;

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