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Line Distance Protection Relay for Power Plant
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: May 23, 2017

Line Distance Protection Relay for Power Plant

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Line Distance Protection Relay for Power Plant, which is mainly used in voltage level 110kV/66KV line and feeder line, sets protection, operation box, voltage switching, measurement, communication, record wave functions in one body, Implementation of Middle/low voltage line protection, measurement and control and the circuit breaker control function.

Line Distance Protection Relay for Power Plant Main features
A. 4U standard aluminum chassis, the combination of a plug-in structure, after mating chassis, various functional modules individually designed, the strength of electrical complete separation, strong anti-jamming capability, on-site maintenance convenience;
B. Multiple CPU intelligent plug-in designed to open into the open the plug-in to achieve real-time fully self-test; Each relay coil can be detected;
C. Based CANBUS bus plug contact, reducing the connection between the plug, patch non-performing real-time detection;
D. Dual 32-bit systems, system redundancy; Protection features produced by Texas Instruments 32-bit floating point DSP processor, run the program and data in the chip; Running speed, high reliability;
E. HMI, network communications, and management functions produced by 32-bit ARM MCU, speed, storage capacity, network interface capability;
F. 16 AD sampling, measurement accuracy; Sampling 48 points a week wave harmonic processing ability;
G. The protection module schematic design, computer-aided graphical interface secondary development and functional modifications to facilitate a series of products, flexible, fast and engineering design;
H. The complete circuit breaker operating circuit, has a remote control to jump, closing pressure interlock, spring discharged interlock closing function;
I. Flexible menu color or large color LCD, Chinese interface menu; Flexibility to choose dual Ethernet, dual 485 interface;
J. To save less than 500 recent incident reports and run reports;
K. The man-machine management module uses real-time multi-tasking operating system, interface, network tasks such as real-time;
L. Can store 10 sets of protective setting, the dual value zone District self-test and mutual inspection combined setting value switching safe and convenient; 

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