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On The Development Of Distribution Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Since 2000, due to the pull of the urban and rural power grid reconstruction project, China's distribution transformer industry maintained a good momentum of development. 2008 annual production of more than 400 million KVA distribution transformer in China, accounting for all transformers annual output of nearly 40%. 2010China yield at 1.223 billion KVA transformers, calculated according to the 40% scale, estimates new in 2010 up to 534 million KVA distribution transformer. 2010 distribution transformer manufacturing industry output value of about 42.518 billion yuan, an increase of 18.84%.

With China's "energy saving" deepening of the policy, the State encourages the development of energy-saving, low noise, intelligent power distribution transformers.In part of the network of energy distribution transformers are not in line with industry trends, face technology upgrades, replacement demand, will be replaced in thefuture energy, materials, environmental protection, low noise transformer replaced.

Policy on transformer energy-saving standards in China started late, but the pacesoon, with further revisions of the distribution transformer energy efficiency standard and advance, and highest energy efficiency standards at the same level as in developed countries in the world. In terms of energy savings, and technical strength,China transformer industry will be in the transformer of the world development tothe forefront. More important is that the transformer energy saving not only in loss of transformer equipment factory calibration setting, user life-cycle managementof the establishment of transformer economic operation and management, can give full play to the maximum value of energy-saving products, so as to achieve the real benefits of transformer and energy saving.

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