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Simple Classification Of Distribution Transformer
Shandong Weite Transformer Factory | Updated: Nov 30, 2016

Mainstream energy saving distribution transformer main energy-saving of oil-immersed transformer and non-Crystal alloy transformer in two ways.

Oil-immersed distribution transformer loss property divided into S9, S11 and S13,compared with S11 series transformer no-load loss than the S9 series 20%,S13 series 25% lower than the S11 series transformer no-load loss. State grid Corporation has been using S11 series transformer, and was gradually extended in urban power network reconstruction S13 series, the next period of time S11 and S13 will completely replace the existing series of oil-immersed distribution transformer in operation of the S9 series.

Amorphous alloy transformer both energy efficiency and economy, it is characterized by very low no-load loss, only about 20% of the S9 series of oil-immersed transformers, in line with State industrial policies and network energy consumption requirements, is ideal distribution transformer energy saving, especially for rural power grids and other places with lower load rates. Although the national development and Reform Commission as early as 2005 began to encourage and promote non-Crystal alloy transformer, amorphous alloy Strip but subject to raw material constraints of inadequate capacity, non-Crystal alloy transformer has not been mass produced in China. Network using the proportion of non-Crystal alloy transformer todistribution transformer only 7%-8%, nationwide only in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other bulk amorphous alloy transformer is used.

Competitive distribution transformer, in the face of pressure from high raw materials costs, as well as energy-saving evaluation system construction and market supervision and management deficiencies, use energy-saving transformer faced a higher initial investment, making energy-saving transformer popularization brings some difficulties.

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